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"Dyatlov Pass"


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Release: 2015
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Velehentor - Dyatlov Pass 3CD

Velehentor deserves a special note: this Ural-based collective must be considered as THE most interesting post-industrial collectives of Russia. Since its foundation in 1998, they released not less than 11 albums, without sticking to an accurate stylistic framework: be it Dark Ambient, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Ritual or Drone Ambient: each album is unique and distinct from each other, but Velehentor is always recognisable by an unique sound and a pre- cisely verified concept on which each album is based upon. "Dyatlov Pass" has been recorded in 2002 and consists of 2 long, nearly 1hour lasting tracks, one of which has been written together with "Ad Lux Tenebrae" + 9 short compositions. In 2003 without the permission of the authors, the first track has been published as CDr by a piracy label and stood out as a high-grade album. The edition has been instantly sold-out, re-ceived a huge quantity of great and enthusiastic reviews and till now it is considered to be one of the best drone ambient works from Russia... It's a true monument and a masterpiece of drone ambient/ritual/north shamanic music.
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.Cd 1 - Dyatlov Pass
2.Cd 2 - Man-Pupy-Njer (Velehentor/ad Lux Tenebrae)
3.Cd 3 - Otorten