InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Velvet Acid Christ

"Between The Eyes Vol. 2"


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Release: 2004
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Velvet Acid Christ - Between The Eyes Vol. 2 CD

Die zweite von insgesamt 4 Retro-Veröffentlichungen, diesmal mit den Tracks aus dem Jahr 1994.
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Label's catalogue number:MET317
1.Hell One
2.Hell Two
3.Dark Lights
5.Falling Snow
6.Mental Depression
7.Rain For 27 Days
8.Killing Me
9.We Have To See, We Have To Know
10.Serial Killer 101
11.Decent To Darkness
12.Hail To The Dead Souls
13.I'm Gonna Wrap Myself In Your Intestines