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Velvet Acid Christ

"Dire Land"


Veröffentlichung: 2015
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
Velvet Acid Christ - Dire Land CD

‘Dire Land’ is a companion to the previous two Velvet Acid Christ albums ‘Maldire’ (2012) and ‘Subconscious Landscapes’ (2014). The new album features remixes from electro super hereos such as GOD MODULE, DECODED FEEDBACK, DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER, ASSEMBLAGE 23, DEAD HAND PROJECT, CONTROLLED COLLAPSE….plus completely new remakes of the tracks ‘Se* Disease’ and ‘Even Now’ along with additional rare and unreleased songs. Additionally, there is a remix of ‘Lust’ and a version of the Dead Milkmen’s ‘Big Time Operator’ featuring Rodney Anonymous. A surprisingly diverse and thoroughly entertaining album!
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1.Christ Who*e - God Module Mix
2.Eye H8 U - Decoded Feedback Mix
3.Inhale Blood - Dead Hand Project Mix
4.Big Time Operator - Vac Mix Feat Rodney Anonymous
5.Lust - Anonymous Mix
6.Se* Disease - 2014 Mix
7.Dire - Disease Factory Ov Vac Mix
8.Even Now - Slightly Tweaked Mix
10.Bend The Sky - Dead When I Found Her Mix
11.Barbed Wired Garden - Assemblage 23 Mix
13.The Last Goodbye - Controlled Collapse Mix