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"One More Time"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Vendemmian - One More Time CD

The band is one of the UK's most successful Gothic Rock bands of the 90's, re-formed for a series of shows in 2008 - taking in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. The live shows saw the band at their most powerful, as they impressed across the Gothic venues of Europe once more - the positive reaction convinced the band to continue & the result is the album "One More Time". This album continues where they left off, but is also a progression, a fresh approach to an earlier formula. Standout tracks are "Talk Talk", the powerful opener, the anthemic "Give it Up", the guitar power goth rock of "Another Day". Vendemmian will be appearing at Wave Gothic Treffen 2009 in Leipzig - the worlds largest Gothic Festival and be headlining Misfest 2009, one of the UK's main gothic Events. The critics are calling "One More Time" the best Vendemmian album to date...
InfraRot sales rank:1,824
InfraRot item number:2003.716
1.Talk Talk
2.Give It Up
3.End Like This
4.Give And Take
5.Down On The Ground
6.Another Day
7.Starter For Ten
8.Didn't Say It Was You
9.Seen Enough
10.Too Late