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"This is not an exit"


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Release: 2017
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Verin - This is not an exit CD

striking hard with a maelstrom of cacophonous beats and cavorting, twisted electronics, the debut album from chris shortt's verin, this is not an exit, instantly becomes essential industrial listening. there's an air of prevailing energetic darkness here, a threatening tension that builds the start of the album with opening tracks ‘passage’ and ‘process’, before all hell breaks loose on ‘human nature’. expect the unexpected throughout this entire album. it's a theatrical approach - not unfamiliar to one of verin's prime influences, skinny puppy. however, verin's modern take on old-school electro-industrial seeks out new ground, incorporating heaviness from additional sources - the album is littered with chugging guitar chords, reminiscent of meshuggah's 8-stringed ferocity, syncopated with the twisted electronics, adding texture and depth, yet never becoming industrial rock. featuring guest vocals from brant showers (∆aimon) and kalle lindberg (cardinal noire, protectorate), the stature of these artists is indicative of verin's calibre. unafraid to take risks and avoiding trends, verin treads its own ground. experimental yet thoroughly accessible, the complex programming on this is not an exit conveys an artist unleashed and determined to show the world that his art is a tool for industrial audio mayhem.
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