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Vestfalia's Peace



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Release: March 2017
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Vestfalia's Peace - Loneliness CD

Style: darkwave, alternative. First print: 500 copies in Digipak Vestfalia’s Peace formed in 1997, in a very tiny village in Molise region, Italy. Their first works (1999-2000) were strongly goth/new wave oriented. In 2003 the band changed their sound in more melancholic, ‘early 4AD’-inspired atmospheres. Their 2004 demo ‘The Peasant’ – included in this CD as bonus - they were clearly influenced by AND ALSO THE TREES’ romantic albums.In 2005 they changed their style again, and played a Folk-oriented sound with Italian lyrics, intended strictly to the Italian market. With their all new album ‘Loneliness’, the band returns to their roots and English lyrics and is ready to cross their Italian borders again for a broader audience worldwide!
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Label:swiss dark nights
Label's catalogue number:SDNR038
2.Wet Ferns Shine
3.Behind The Court
4.A Sad Image
5.The Muse
6.Before The Storm
8.I Think I Should Leave
9.The Peasant
10.Tale From The Summer Dew
11.The Apple Boughs