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"The New Resistance"


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Release: June 2020
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Vigilante - The New Resistance CD

In these times, when we are faced with a world where our leaders more and more take away our liberties and rights every day. In these times, when we wake up in a society where we feel more and more controlled and paralysed by the media every day. With his latest album, the South American artist Vigilante wants to break the chains of an unfair system. According to himself, this is his best record so far in a short but intense career. He describes it as "the soundtrack for a new revolution" provocation.
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InfraRot item number:2008.232
Label:Black Rain
Label's catalogue number:BR 081
2.The New Order (Feat. Hanin Elias Ex-Atari Teenage Riot)
3.Prison Break (Feat. Claus Larsen From Leaether Strip)
4.Second Chances (Feat. Claus Albers/Tyske Ludder)
5.The New Resistance (Feat. Jurgen Engler/Die Krupps)
6.Our Jihad (Feat. Zero Kelvin/Feindflug)
7.Native Blood (Feat. Guido Henning/E-Craft)
8.The New World (Feat. Jens Kästel/Funker Vogt)
9.Country (Feat. Jed Simon/Strapping Young Lad)
10.Army Of Time (Feat. Victor Love/Dope Stars Inc.)
11.The New Revolution (Feat. Rexx/FCFG820)
12.The Trap - The New Order 2.0 (Feat. Michael Hillarup)
13.Gone - Army Of Time 2.0 (Feat. Baard Torstensen + DJ Johnny Joice)
14.The New Order (Feindflug Remix)
15.The New Order (Soman Remix)
16.Prison Break (FGFC820 Remix)
17.The New World (V2A Remix)