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Villa Abo

"Magnetic Moves"


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Release: 2018
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Villa Abo - Magnetic Moves 2LP

Villa Åbo in the alternative solo project of Swedish musician and producer Jan Svensson, who has been making electronic music for the better part of 30 years as the artist behind such aliases as Frak, Studio SS and Alvars Orkestra. Svensson also runs legendary Swedish dance and experimental music label Börft, the product of a mutual appreciation for Severed Heads and Terse Tapes. As Villa Åbo he released two records in 1997 on Börft and remained inactive for 17 years until the Dutch label Bio Rhythm coaxed him into revisiting the project and released a double 12" in 2014. Jan has since followed with a steady stream of 12” singles for Kontra-Musik, Noise In My Head and Radio Lundberg.

“Magnetic Moves” is Villa Åbo’s ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Again Again
2.The Tiny One
4.Dreams Of Italy, Assiduous Dreams
5.Massive Duometer
6.Bianco Festival
8.Short Relaxing End