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Violet Tears



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Release: 2019
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Violet Tears - Metamorfosi CD

The all new album by the gifted Neo-classical/Wave/Ethereal act! In 6-panel eco-digifile VIOLET TEARS look back on 3 highly praised albums on FOSSIL DUNGEON and ARK Records and they deliver doomy Darkwave in a typical 80s / 90s style. Gothic meets Neo-Classic meets Ethereal. For fans of MORS SYPHILITICA, LYCIA, FAITH & THE MUSE, THIS ASCENSION.... Since 1998, Darkwave band VIOLET TEARS’ expansive waves of electric guitar, subtle piano and acoustic guitar and swirling synths provide the elements of a dark mix of Gothic and a dark ethereal sound reminiscent of early 4AD recordings. Their melancholic, romantic, decadent Dark Wave already left a leaving impression on their 3 earlier albums "Cold Memories and Remains" [now deleted], "Breeze of Solitude" and "Outside your Door" and also their live-activities culminated in some high level tours, including a memorable appearance at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig 2014.

VIOLET TEARS will be releasing their new album „Metamorfosi" in June now on June 7, 2019.
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2.In The Garden
3.The Lovers
4.To The Life
5.Spazi Artificiali
6.Da Lontano
7.Ritratti Fatali
9.The Drowning Of My Hopes