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Violet Tears

"Outside Your Door"


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Release: 2013
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Violet Tears - Outside Your Door CD

"Outside your door" is the fourth album of Violet Tears: a sonorous run through the rooms of the time, an homage to the lost affections and the innocence lost. Nine unrealised tracks that draw origin in the undergrounds of the conscience…

Dark and cadenced rhythmics emerge to the listening among nebulous settings of keyboard, lacerated by sharp embroideries of guitar, composing a suggestive plant on which the persuasive heavenly female voice of Carmen and the vibrating male voice of Claudio are hacked.

A dark wave/shoegaze album with strong melancholy shades. Recommended to fans of This Ascension, Claire Voyant, Mors Syphilitica, Autumn (U.S.A.) and Lycia...

Home will be anywhere we'll admit the uncontrollable lack of harmony of life.
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2.Outside Your Door
3.Memorie Di Cristallo
4.Ever Dead New Waters
6.Angeli In Fiamme
7.In Whisper
8.Against The Light
9.…somewhere Under The Sea