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Virgin In Veil



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Release: 2016
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Virgin In Veil - Deviances CD

Style: Deathrock. Created early 2015 by Jacques Saph, VIRGIN IN VEIL is a deathrock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Early releases and multiple gigs in Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico, as well as its members well known taste for decadence, has granted Virgin in Veil to be looked at as one of the most interesting contemporary band of the Deathrock genre."Deviances", their debut CD, is a spot-on collection of debauched but intellectual dark punk songs that hits you like a fist. With fast beats, howling vocals, cold synths and chorus-driven guitars, Virgin in Veil mixes goth ambiences with punk energy to create a sound experience that will adhere to you.
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Label:Danse Macabre
1.Live Like Suicide
3.Sexual Sin
6.In The Name Of God
7.Drown In Flesh