InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

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Release: 2006
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InfraRot item number:6325.001
Label:A Different Drum
My Inner Peace (Rename - Outer Space Mix)
My Preservation (Feat. Darrin C. Huss)
My Preservation (K.Kusaka & Kenichi T. Mix)
Never (Arnold Stolting's Reggae Mix)
Never (Feat. Alexander Braun & Manfred Thomaser)
Razor (Feat. Tom Shear)
Razor (P24 Mix)
Razor (People Theatre - Punishment Mix)
The Earth (Beborn Beton Remix)
The Earth (Feat. Reagan Jones)
Tropfen Im Ozean (F.P. - Sensible Touch RMX)
Tropfen Im Ozean (Feat. Rico F. Piller)
Tropfen Im Ozean (Mad M - Megabounce Mix)
My Inner Peace (Feat. Marcus Geltner)
My Dimension (Feat. Syrian)
Desperate Man (Desperate Mix)
Desperate Man (Feat. Pal-magnus Rybom)
Desperate Man ( Nevarakka Mix)
Hopes (BBM Mix)
Hopes (Feat. Sven Enzelmann)
I Will Fly (Feat. P.O. Svensson
I Will Fly (Hot Rain Remix)
In A Hour From Now (Feat. Brain Hazard)
In An Hour From Now (S.Cr. - Potential Energy Mix)
It's In All Of Us (Digital Machine Remix)
It's In All Of Us (Feat. Lars Rohnstock)
Kept You (Feat. Michael Pohl)
Kept You (Haloed Ghost Remix)
Tropfen Im Ozean (Nico's Synthophonic-remix)