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"Gahrena: Structures"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Vndl - Gahrena: Structures CD

with 'structures', vndl a.k.a. philippe vandal continues along the path he started one year ago on the 'paysages électriques' release. with this work, this outstanding canadian artist continues with his aural concept of abstract electronic soundscapes, intensely manipulated guitars and warped beat structures.

vndl's skills of splicing an auditory collage of elements into a coherent arrangement make this release a sensual experience without any logical refraction. the one-of-a-kind blend of idm / glitch, electro-acoustic techniques and processed guitar fragments result in dense, organic sound environments of suspense and beauty. a well balanced equilibration between unsettling experimental sounds and soothing ambience. 'structures' is completed with three remixes by valance drakes a.k.a. mussck, kero (sohail azad) and hexogramme, on which the rhythmic aspects of vndl's original tracks are put forward without annihilating the album's artistic concept.

the 'gahrena' cycle continues - attentive listening required.
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1.Eph (Seconde Partie)
5.Beaches 70
6.Copy Ensemble
8.Eph (Première Partie)
10.La Cause Des Causes
11.Anit (Valance Drakes Remix)
12.Copy Ensemble (Kero Remix)
13.Taipey (Hexogramme Remix)