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"Resonance (With The Babelsberg Film Orchestra)"


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Release: 2015
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VNV Nation - Resonance (With The Babelsberg Film Orchestra) CD

Resonance marks the most prestigious moment so far in VNV Nation’s career. Years in the planning, the album features many of the best known VNV Nation songs, performed purely with Orchestra and Voice. No other studio instruments were used as the goal was for the release to be as authentic as possible.

Already very familiar with classical music, and taking much inspiration from it for their own songs, this is the album that VNV Nation have always wanted to make.

The album was recorded with the world renowned Babelsberg Film Orchestra at their historic studios in Potsdam, right next to the stage where legendary films like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” were filmed.

Only the best studios were used for the recording, mixing and mastering. The results speak for themselves and can only be described as majestic. This is a soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made.

The album will be available on CD and as a deluxe limited-edition vinyl/cd Boxset. Inspiration for the Boxset came from the style and quality of record sets from the days of 78 shellac records. A regular vinyl double album will also be released a few weeks after the CD and Boxset.
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