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Völur / Amber Asylum

"Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch"


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Release: November 2019
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Völur / Amber Asylum - Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch CD

Doom experimentalists Völur from Toronto and San Francisco's ever-mercurial neo-classical ambient collective Amber Asylum team up for the split release "Breaker Of Rings/Blood Witch." Both artists are driven by the vision of creating dark and heavy music built around the use of strings, yet differ in approach while beautifully complimenting one another on this release.

On the a-side, Völur tell ...
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1.Völur - I
2.Völur - Ii
3.Völur - Iii
4.Völur - Iv
5.Amber Asylum - Séance
6.Amber Asylum - Blood Witch
7.Amber Asylum - Swarm Interlude
8.Amber Asylum - Largo