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Void Vision

"Sub Rosa"


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Release: June 2019
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Void Vision - Sub Rosa LP

Void Vision is a Philadelphia-based electronic project helmed by Shari Wallin. It began around 2009 at a time when a wave of synth-revivalists were materializing, but the quality of the songwriting and intense vocals set the band apart from the pack. In a rare instance, Void Vision has managed to combine vintage dance elements with melodic structures, haunting melancholy, and lyrics that have a palpable soul. The songs themselves are dynamic, referencing a cross-section of the last 30 years of electronic music, while simultaneously retaining a uniqueness all their own.

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Label:Mannequin Records
1.One 03:29
2.Everything Is Fine 04:15
3.Hidden Hand 05:36
4.Sour 04:31
5.To The Sea 04:52
6.Slow Dawn 03:12
7.Vulgar Displays 03:54
8.The Source 03:57
9.In 20 Years (Extended) 06:02
10.Queen Of Hearts 04:46