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Vomito Negro

"Death Sun"



Release: May 2020
Status: Sold out
Vomito Negro - Death Sun CD

VOMITO NEGRO is latin (portuguese/spanish) for "black vomit", the last stage of the disease yellow fever, when the patient throws up his putrefied intestines and ultimately dies. Macabre? One might consider VOMITO NEGRO"s interest in the darker side of the human condition as unhealthy, but in fact it is fuelled by a desire to cope with and to understand life (and consequently, death) as we know it. VOMITO NEGRO handle their topics with grim sarcasm and/or penetrating personal involvement; under the surface however, they give way to a message of redemption, passion and purification.

From the start on, flexibility ...
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5.In Silent Places
6.White Lights
7.King Of Thieves
9.Angel Fire