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Von Thronstahl

"Mutter Der Schmerzen"


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Release: 2006
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Von Thronstahl - Mutter Der Schmerzen MCD

Second edition in a beautiful digipak!

MCD from the legends of martial industrial with the acoustic versions of their old tracks as well as the cover of DIJ "Runes And Men" and one Russian traditional song "Leader's Daughter" sang by the very nice female voice on pure Russian. Unlike the usual stuff from this band, there are almost no military drums or warlike guitars. The record is full of beauty and melancholy while the tension is hidden behind the warm voices and charming acoustic parts. This is the soft side of Von Thronstahls creative universe, and it's really worth to discover!CD comes in Digisleeve.
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Label:Der Angriff
1.Europa Calling 4:45
2.Runes And Men (Short Version) / Death In June Cover 2:39
3.The Leaders Daughter 3:58
4.Adoration To Europa (Harsh Acoustic Version) 4:37
5.Mutter Der Schmerzen (Extended Version) 5:10