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"Noize Mélodia"


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Release: September 2018
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Vromb - Noize Mélodia CD

after three years of silence 'noize mélodia' is the eagerly awaited fresh sign of life from hugo girard a.k.a. vromb. compared with albums like 'sous hypnose' or 'le pêcheur de noyés' there is no general concept on this release, only a few sketches of natural and human catastrophes and life crises were in girard's thoughts while operating his instruments. the most important aspect of vromb’s unique sonic territory is the process of composing itself - a prisoner of his musical habits, giving input to machines and utilizing their reactions for the final result. even the track titles for 'noize mélodia' like 'vélectrobass' (where v stands for vromb with electro + bass) were given by the music itself, telling him: this is what you are, this is how things shall be.

for the realization of this ...
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1.Réglages Et Radiations
2.Vélectrobass (Origine)
3.Vélectrobass (Déclinaison - A)
4.Dialogues Sur Trame Noize Mélodia
5.Le Contrôle Des Vagues
6.Vélectrobass (Déclinaison - B)
7.Vélectrobass (Déclinaison - C)
8.Navire Non Réel
9.X-Y Zone, Marécage Artificiel
10.Dépeçage Par Le Son
11.Tempête Solaire Suivie De: Écho D’Une Terre Sans Hommes
12.Noize Mélodia (Thématique)