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Wasserkraft Manifest

"Voyagers of Peace and Understanding"


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Release: August 2017
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Wasserkraft Manifest - Voyagers of Peace and Understanding CD

Well, we all know that Sweden is famous for a special kind of "pop-culture". Yes, there was ABBA, but also a tradition of the finest electro-pop... and now it's 2017 and there is a new band of 2 young girls and 1 young man and it sounds like a time they weren't born yet... WASSERKRAFT MANIFEST is the name of this new Swedish band and this is the story behind it: once upon a time there was Klas Norberg, Maria-Thérèse Sommar and Sanna Norberg playing 100% pure electronic sounds and bringing it to the internet. Found some fans and going further - with these fine 80's-likesounds and their multi-language lyrics (yes, MULTI means Swedish, English, French, German...) One of the WASSERKRAFT MANIFEST tracks was released on a cd in Germany - and from this time the story goes fast: they were fabulously received, the first album in working process and here it is... WASSERKRAFT MANIFEST proudly presents their first album "Voyagers of Peace and Understanding" with 12 electropop-pearls on cd and download. So, if you were young in the 80's and like bands such as "The Human League" or you're "middleaged" and like Sweden-pop or you are a little bit younger and like bands like "Client" or "Marsheaux" or you're really young and need the soundtrack for your life or for dancing: give them a chance and check it out! This is new! This is electro-pop at its finest! This is the next big thing from Sweden! These 12 tracks are "Voyagers of Peace and Understanding"! This is WASSERKRAFT MANIFEST!
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2.2.artifical Intelligence
3.3.can´t Forget The Summer
4.Der Mensch
5.Robot Heart
7.Alpha Centauri
8.8.hello Hello (From Outerspace)
9.9.she´s My General
10.10.roller Disco Conquered Love
12.12.alpha Proxima (Instrumental)