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Wayne Hussey

"Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades Live"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Wayne Hussey - Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades Live CD + 2DVD

Filmed & recorded at the final two shows of Wayne Hussey’s last autumn 2014 50+ date tour at Leeds Trinity Church and Workington Carnegie Theatre. All in all a massive 50+ songs (more than 5 hours!) along with interviews and other extras too! Included are such faves as: Wither on the Vine, Severina, Swan Song, The Bouquets & The Bows, Butterfly on a Wheel, & Wasteland, as well as a selection of Wayne's suitably maverick cover versions such as Careless Whisper, Martha's Harbour, Personal Jesus & All along the Watchtower!
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1.Madam G
2.All Along The Watchtower
3.Island In A Stream
4.Crystal Ocean
5.Black Mountain Mist
6.Ain't No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now
8.Martha's Harbour
9.Naked & Savage
10.Coming Home
12.Black Cat Bone
13.Wasteland / Like A Hurricane
14.The Bouquets & The Bows
15.Wasting Away
16.You'll Never Walk Alone
17.A Wing & A Prayer
19.House Of The Rising Sun
20.Shades Of Green
21.Swan Song
22.Madam G
23.Heaven On Earth
24.Like A Child Again
25.You Are Not Alone
26.Love Me To Death
27.Careless Whisper
28.Martha's Harbour
29.When I Drift Too Far From Shore
30.Wither On The Vine
33.Black Cat Bone
34.Wasteland / Lucky / Dancing Barefoot / Like A Hurricane / Personal Jesus
36.Butterfly On A Wheel
37.Blood Brother / Wicked Game
38.Swan Song
39.Next Station
40.Madam G
41.All Along The Watchtower
43.Martha's Harbour
44.Wither On The Vine
45.Coming Home
46.Naked & Savage
47.Shelter From The Storm
48.Wasteland / Lucky / Dancing Barefoot / Like A Hurricane / Personal Jesus
49.Swan Song