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Weena Morloch

"Grüß Gott, wir sind die Morlochs"


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Release: 2015
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Weena Morloch - Grüß Gott, wir sind die Morlochs CD

After the acclaimed ‘Amok’ opus, which was bursting with club hits, and the ‘Terror über alles – das WEENA MORLOCH-Manifest’ 4CD box, ALEXANDER KASCHTE, frontman and creative brains behind SAMSAS TRAUM, returns with a new album by his disagreeable side project. And as the artwork on the disc clearly states: SCHLAGER ZOMBIES LIVE LONGER!

‘Grüß Gott, wir sind die ...
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1.Tränen Lügen Nicht
2.Eye Of The Tiger
3.Moskau, Hiroshima
4.The Kkk Took My Baby Away
5.I’M Gonna Miss You
6.Fall Apart
7.Des Teufels Don Kosaken
8.Holy Diver
9.Schwarzbraun Ist Die Haselnuss