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"Levensbron (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2020
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Weihan - Levensbron (Limited Edition) CD

Weihan are a neo-folk and martial industrial duo from Belgium. Founded in 1998, they are composed by Miguel (vocals) and Jurgen (synths, guitars). After albums on Lichterklang, Cynfeirdd, Fluttering Dragon and Old Europa Café, album no. 5 offers 11 all new tracks between neo-folk/martial industrial/neo-classical. Weihan will appeal to fans of Ulver, Wolcensmen and similar acts! Limited Edition of 200 albums in 3 panel digipak!
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1.Aarde 04:47
2.Tumulus 04:35
3.De Eeuwige Jager 04:42
4.Martelaarskroon 00:56
5.Eeuwenoud 04:31
6.Landgeesten 04:46
7.Dodenhalm 01:41
8.Veenrook 04:22
9.Gloren 00:28
10.Avondrood 02:43
11.Zomerdood 03:21