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"Vente Vent (Limited Light Grey Vinyl)"


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Release: July 2020
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:Werra: - Vente Vent (Limited Light Grey Vinyl) LP

Fresh air will be blown into the neofolk scene by :werra: and their new album „vente vent”!

Six years after the release of the debut “MMI-MMV” the musicians return with their new album and thirteen tracks, recurring the motive of change bringing wind… Catchy melodies, driving tunes und dreamy songs alternate while poems and the intense lyrics follow the tradition of their previous work. Musically the trio sets a new course with the addition of an accordion that adds a new dimension and depth to the songs without losing :werras: very own value of recognition.

While the German neofolk was in it’s early days, the year 2001 saw the foundation of the German neofolk-duo :werra:, whose official debut album was released only much later, due to various problems. Their songs reveal the spirit of early German neofolk – ie = a return to the tradiotions of our ancestors as well as the search for an own cultural identity and the longing for a new, and hopefully better world. Musical- and conceptionalwise :werra: can therefore be seen in the same context that characterized the early releases of Forseti and Darkwood.
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1.A1 Der Wanderer
2.A2 Es War Ein Land
3.A3 Jouneys To The Sea
4.A4 Es Kommt Ein Sturm
5.A5 Der Ausmarsch A6 Wir Sind Bereit
6.B1 Invictus
7.B2 Wiesentraum
8.B3 Morgenrot
9.B4 Wer Weiss Wo?
10.B5 Der Landsturm
11.B6 Winde Wehen
12.B7 Nun Will Der Lenz Uns Grüssen