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Release: 2014
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Westwind - Ravage 2CD

The long awaited Westwind double-CD 'RAVAGE', five years after its latest release 'TOURMENTE'.Apocalypse is now, and this is the soundtrack to the collapse of civilisation. 2CD housed in a Digifile packaging, with artwork by Nicolas Crombez.
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Label:Steelwork Maschine
1.Rise 5:14
2.The Machupo Ballad 5:28
3.And I Saw Them Murderers 1:04
4.Al-Dajjal 14:05
5.Yawm Al-Qiyamah 3:19
6.The Great Conflagration 8:26
7.Kali Yuga 4:08
8.Project Megiddo 4:28
9.Vatican As Jericho 5:04
10.The Ebola March 5:28
11.Chant Of Uriel 16:39
12.In A Lonely Place
13.Acharit Hayamim 3:38
14.Chant Of Ezrael 5:20
15.Of Last Things To Come 4:36
16.To Those Of Perverted Faith 2:58
17.The Marburg Requiem 5:29
18.Scorched Earth 6:08
19.Satya Yuga 5:02
20.Destruction Time, Again 7:51
21.Pandemia 3:25
22.Alles Ist Grün 4:44
23.All Is Well In The Shelter 5:32
24.Ravage 18:45
25.We'll Meet Again