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While Angels Watch



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Release: 2017
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While Angels Watch - Interregnum CD

Neofolk/Post Punk veterans WHILE ANGELS WATCH release the long anticipated ‘INTERREGNUM’ just in time to mark their 30th anniversary. While the aura of previous releases like ‘DARK AGE’ and ‘STILL THE STAR SHINES’ expressed a balance between deep shades of male and female principles, my initial opinion of the new material suggests reflections of a more masculine perception of life. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the instrumentation seems harsher and the sentiments more defiant. Still honest and achingly emotional at times, here we have a collection of material written by Dev concerning; authority, war, sacrifice, resignation, paedophilia, isolation, esoterica and who knows what else! Musically, we have the usual layers of melody you associate with While Angels Watch, but with less dominant guest musicians, Interregnum is a more guitar driven album with flourishes of keyboards, violin, cello, drums and female voice. Sure to please their existing audience and gain a new one too.
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