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White Chamber

"Pale Tears (Limited Green Vinyl)"


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Release: 2018
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White Chamber - Pale Tears (Limited Green Vinyl) Single/7

limited re-press on green vinyl comes in very deluxe metalic foilblocked cover.White Chamber is back with their 2nd release of dark electronic music inspired by the 80's, John Carpenter and more.This 7" features 2 cinematic tracks by Kim Larsen (Of The Wand & The Moon / Les Chasseurs De La Nuit / Solanaceae / Vril Jäger etc.).With guest appearances by Bo Rande (Blue Foundation etc.) on trumpet andIver Ask Overgaard (Of The Wand & The Moon / My Beloved etc.)on additional keyboards. The songs were mixed by Mikkel Elzer (Blood on a Feather / Kloster / Simon Finn etc.) and mastered by Robert Ferbrache.
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1.1 - Pale Tears
2.2 - Vacío