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William Basinski

"A Shadow In Time"


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Release: 2017
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William Basinski - A Shadow In Time LP

Includes vinyl-only mix not available on any other format! World-renowned as one of experimental music's most vital and impressionistic composers of the past few decades, William Basinski's tape loop works have been especially influential, particularly on the historic series, The Disintegration Loops, where distorted, orchestral tape samples burrow deep into the listener's psyche through meditative repetition. On his new album, A Shadow In Time, Basinski plunges deeper than ever for the plaintive, solitary eulogy to David Bowie, aptly titled "For David Robert Jones." Conversely, the title track, "A Shadow In Time," is a subtle, celestial escalation of melody and drone. The result is one of the most truly transcendent pieces of music he has ever committed to - or wrung from - tape. For fans of BRIAN ENO, TIM HECKER, ELUVIUM.
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1.A Shadow In Time (16:57)
2.For David Robert Jones (20:19)