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"Finsternis (Limited EditioN)"


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Release: 2021-04-23
Status: New release in 51 days
Winterblood - Finsternis (Limited EditioN) 2LP

- Gatefold 2LP (black vinyl, 180g) incl. padded inner sleeves and protection sleeve (478 copies, handnumbered)

Most people probably associate the city of Florence in the sun-flooded central Italiany Tuscany region with the birth of the Renaissance and a cornucopia of masterpieces by such artistic titans as Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio, Francesco Guicciardini, and Niccolò Machiavelli.

Yet one of the city's ...
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1.Chapter L
2.Chapter Ll
3.Chapter Lll
4.Chapter Lv