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"European Masterplan"



Release: March 2022
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Winterhart - European Masterplan CD

Style: Electro/Industrial. Musically Winterhart is on a timetravel through the Wave Gothic scene… they have found their style! Formed by the founding members of DANCE OR DIE, Chris L. of AGONOIZE and FUNKER VOGT joined the band to fulfill his true passion for musical diversity.The European Masterplan describes artistically a historical worldplan to overcome the national, religious and cultural identities, to create a faceless consumer who only believes in a political lobby. Wether Free Masons or Bilderberger… they are the figures of policy, medias and industry. The historical context and the present situation are the result standing in the center of atraction. Themes like escapism and romantic are the main subjects of the positive pathos called classic.
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Label:Danse Macabre
1.Agent Orange
2.Back To The Front
3.The Fence
4.European Masterplan
5.Ice And Light
6.Preußisch Blau
7.Home Is Where My Heart Is
8.Loose Myself In Daydreams