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"Wire On The Box: 1979"



Release: June 2020
Status: Sold out
Wire - Wire On The Box: 1979 DVD + CD

eissue (in updated slimline packaging) of this continually in demand classic live document, originally released in 2004 and out of print since 2010. Hour long studio performance from February 1979 for German show "Rockpalast. Also included is the never-screened 20 minute interview with English journalist and Rockpalast presenter Alan Bangs. The audio CD contains all the music and none of the talk.
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1.Introduction ( Play ·
2.Another The Letter
3.The 15H
4.Practice Makes Perfect
5.Two People In A Room
6.I Feel Mysterious Today
7.Being Sucked In Again
8.Once Is Enough
9.Blessed State
10.A Question Of Degree
11.Single Ko
13.40 Versions
14.Former Airline
15.A Touching Display
16.French Film Blurred
17.Men 2Nd
18.Map Ref. 41Øn 93Øw
20.Pink Flag