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Within Temptation

"The Silent Force Tour"


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Release: 2005
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Within Temptation - The Silent Force Tour DVD + CD

Doppel-DVD plus CD.
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Label:Gun Records
1.Deceiver Of Fools [Live/Video]
2.Stand My Ground [Live/Video]
3.Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [Live/Video]
4.It's The Fear [Live/Video]
5.Forsaken [Live/Video]
6.Angels [Live/Video]
7.Towards The End [Live/Video]
8.Memories [Live/Video]
9.Intro [Live/Video]
10.See Who I Am [Live/Video]
11.Aquarius [Live/Video]
12.Pale [Live/Video]
13.Jane Doe [Live/Video]
14.Caged [Live/Video]
15.Mother Earth [Live/Video]
16.Candles [Live/Video]
17.The Other Half (Of Me) [Live/Video]
18.Ice Queen [Live/Video]
19.Memories [Live/Video]
20.Angels [Live/Video]
21.Stand My Ground [Live/Video]
22.Ice Queen [Live/Video]
23.See Who I Am [Live/Video]
24.Stand My Ground [Live/Video]
25.Stand My Ground [Video]
26.Memories [Video]
27.Angels [Video]
28.Deceiver Of Fools [Live]
29.Stand My Ground [Live]
30.Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [Live]
31.It's The Fear [Live]
32.Forsaken [Live]
33.Angels [Live]
34.Towards The End [Live]
35.Memories [Live]
37.See Who I Am [Live]
38.Pale [Live]
39.Jane Doe [Live]
40.Mother Earth [Live]
41.Candles [Live]
42.The Other Half (Of Me) [Live]
43.Ice Queen [Live]