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"Omega : Bestia"


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Release: 2021-04-23
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Wolfchant - Omega : Bestia CD

WOLFCHANT was founded in 2003 in Sankt Oswald, Lower Bavaria by Lokhi, Skaahl, Gaahnt and Norgahd. After the two demo self-productions "The Fangs Of The Southern Death" and "The Herjan Trilogy" WOLFCHANT signed their first record deal in 2005. With the albums "Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands" (2005) and the groundbreaking "A Pagan Storm" (2007) WOLFCHANT was able to gain a large fan base. This was shortly thereafter expanded internationally with the albums "Determined Damnation" (2009) and "Call Of The Black Winds" (2011) and the band played more tours, concerts and festivals in other European countries. The typical melodic pagan metal of Wolfchant was strengthened from this point on by the clear vocals of Michael Seifert (Rebellion) and the epic factor of the songs was expanded.

After the release of "Embraced ...
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.Omega : Bestia
3.Into Eternal Darkness
4.Im Zeichen Des Tiers
5.Der Geist Und Die Dunkelheit
7.Jäger Der Nacht
8.Out In The Dark
9.The Flame