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Release: 2011
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Wort-Ton - Lichtsuche CD

On their second album, Wort-Ton expertly combine German-language poetry with catchy, yet dark electronic club music. Featuring guest vocals from Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl & known from Blutengel's hit single 'Über den Horizont!' Wort-Ton first stirred up waves in early 2011, when they recorded the b-side 'Leere Räume' in collaboration with Blutengel for their charts-approved single 'Über den Horizont'.

On their second album 'Lichtsuche', they now expertly fuse catchy and atmospheric electronic music (at times not too far removed from Blutengel's tightrope act fusing Gothic and Pop) with elegiac and deep-felt German-language poetry. Blutengel singer and mastermind Chris Pohl has contributed his unique voice to the album, again, as well. Sonic journey, poetry slam or Pop Music? Wort-Ton are all of that and so much more: a fascinating reinvention of German poetic culture!
InfraRot sales rank:1,332
InfraRot item number:2010.211
Label:Out Of Line
1.Prologue - Begegnung
2.Weinend Schrei (Feat. Blutengel)
3.Vision In Weisskalt
4.Das Meer Suchen
5.Sommertanz Vorbei (Feat. Seelennacht)
6.Fremdes Gesicht
8.Das Ende Des Lichts
10.Abgrundtief Licht
11.Der Dich Hält
12.Neuland (Feat. Anne Koplin)
13.Atem Der Sehnsucht
15.Sternenhüter (Feat. Lisa S.)
16.Leere Räume (Feat. Blutengel) (Lichtsuche-Mix)