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"Born Again (Limited Transparent GREEN Vinyl)"


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Release: 2023-04-07
Status: New release in 10 days
Wumpscut - Born Again (Limited Transparent GREEN Vinyl) LP

Limited edition of strictly 500 copies! “Born Again” has NEVER been released on Vinyl!

Super Deluxe re-print of the 3rd 'special' album (following 'Preferential Legacy' and 'The Mesner Tracks'), originally released in 1997 as Etah07.

This album contains the (then) most popular Wumpscut tracks in exclusive remixes, some brand new EXCLUSIVE tracks and a track by legendary Brazilian AGHAST VIEW, in a :wumpscut:-remix.

Comes in HEAVY Gatefold-Sleeve, 180g High Fidelity transparent GREEN Vinyl and including an A1-sized Colour Poster
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InfraRot item number:9958.521
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.A1 Is It You (Scintillating Mixx)
2.A2 Womb (Born Again Remixx)
3.A3 Golgotha (Roughly Distorted Version)
4.A4 Wumpsex
5.A5 Womb (Miserable Days Mixx)
6.B1 War (Revenge And Nemesis Version)
7.B2 Man's Complete Idiot
8.B3 Thorns (Distant Vocals Version)
9.B4 Embryodead (Cockroach Modified)
10.B5 Aghast View: Vaporize (:w: Remix)