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"DJ Dwarf 21 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2021
Status: In stock
Wumpscut - DJ Dwarf 21 (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of 300 copies - DJ Dwarf 21 in Gatefold digifile.

DJ Dwarf 17 to 20 are not existing. The ‘21’ refers to year 2021.
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InfraRot item number:9955.249
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.Habemus Dominum (Advent Resilience 4X4 Remix)
2.Nazi Tabernakel (E66Vn Wuacalmole Remix)
3.Nein Nein (Splitter Remix)
4.Tod Durch Affen (Splitter Remix)
5.Little Wartz (Advent Resilience Remix)
6.Nein Nein (Adzix 'muss Weg' Remix)
7.Nein Nein (The Necessary Evil Remix)
8.Nein Nein (Cynical Front Remix)
9.Nein Nein (Vvlv 'bitte Bitte' Remix)
10.Schwuler Schwanz (Recently Deceased Remix)
11.Schwuler Schwanz (The Necessary Evil Remix)
12.Schwuler Schwanz (Vvlv 'goldener Juni' Mix)
13.Squeal (Advent Resilience Remix)
14.Squeal (Adzix 'schweinchen Dick' Remix)
15.Schwuler Schwanz (Adzix & Ar Remix)
16.Telekatz (:w: Remix For Vvlv)