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"DJ Dwarf 22"


Veröffentlichung: April 2022
Status: Auf Lager
Wumpscut - DJ Dwarf 22 CD

DJ DWARF 22, the accompanying release in album length, for the new EP will contain High class Remixes on ‘For Those about to starve” by:

-Advent Resilience-The Necessary Evil-Recently Deceased-Adzix-Eggun

and many more. As usual with DJ Dwarf releases, the final Tracklist/remixers will be known closer to the release date only.
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:9957.029
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.Ustin Kohlenklau (Eggvn Sacrilego Remix)
2.Justin Kohlenklau (The Necessary Evil Remix)
3.Kuehlwalda (2Nd Face Remix)
4.Kuehlwalda (Advent Resilience Remix)
5.Nullum Crimen Sine Lege (Turmyte Remix)
6.Scared Half To Death (Skon Remix)
7.Kuehlwalda (Blue Ant Remix)
8.Justin Kohlenklau (Eric Vux Remix)
9.Justin Kohlenklau (Recently Deceased Remix)
10.Kuehlwalda (Adzix Remix)
11.Kuehlwalda (Adsol Remix)
12.Kuehlwalda (Splitter Feat Aelen Remix)
13.Justin Kohlenklau (Xsry Remix)
14.Kuehlwalda (Eggvn V.i.t.r.i.o.l. Remix)
15.Kuehlwalda (Chris Azure Remix)
16.Kuehlwalda (Dr. Toad Mix By Reaktor)
17.Kuehlwalda (Miss Suicide Remix)
18.Nullum Crimen Sine Lege (Matteslied Remix)