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"DJ Dwarf 23"


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Release: April 2023
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Wumpscut - DJ Dwarf 23 CD

The usual accompanying Remix-Album this time contains not less than 16 remixes of tracks from ‘Giftkeks’, a remix of the track ‘War’ from the 3rd regular album “Embryodead”,plus two remixes that :wumpscut: did for other bands (Decimortus Satanicu and Gulag Kalashnikov).

The DJ Dwarf 23 Remix CD comes in regular Jewel Box, clear tray - Back-is-front Edition.
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Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.Giftkeks (Advent Resilience Mortified Remix)
2.Du Hast Kein Herz (Splitter Remix)
3.Decimortus Satanicu (Wumpscut Remix)
4.Giftkeks (The Necessary Evil Remix)
5.Giftkeks (Adzix Hausmischung)
6.Du Hast Kein Herz (Advent Resilience Remix)
7.Draw Your Terminal Breath (Matteslied Remix)
8.Silent Running (Cynical Front Remix)
9.Draw Your Terminal Breath (Turmyte Remix)
10.Du Hast Kein Herz (Matteslied Remix)
11.Gulag Kalashnikov (Wumpscut Remix)
12.Giftkeks (Cynical Front Remix)
13.Draw Your Terminal Breath (Final Breath Advent Resilience Remix)
14.Draw Your Terminal Breath (The Necessary Evil Remix)
15.Silent Running (Matteslied Remix)
16.Silent Running (The Necessary Evil Remix)
17.Du Hast Kein Herz (The Necessary Evil Remix)
18.Du Hast Kein Herz ( Remix)
19.War (Advent Resilience Remix)