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"Embryodead (Limited Edition)"


Veröffentlichung: 02.04.2021
Status: Neuerscheinung in 64 Tagen
Wumpscut - Embryodead (Limited Edition) LP

Limited edition of strictly 300 copies for one of the most CLASSIC albums by Wumpscut, originally released in 1997.

'Embryodead' was the third 'regular' studio album by :WUMPSCUT: and the amazing graphics for this album were designed by Salt (Stefan Alt/Ant-Zen). This new edition comes on heavy 180g. Vinyl, in different Cover-design to the original Album, and contains an over-sized (A4) 8 pages Booklet.
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:9955.252
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.A1 Golgotha
2.A2 Embryodead
3.A3 Down Where We Belong
4.A4 Slave To Evil
5.A5 War
6.B1 Is It You
7.B2 Pest
8.B3 Womb
9.B4 Angel
10.B5 Stillbirth