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"Giftkeks (Limted RED Vinyl)"


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Release: 2023-04-07
Status: New release in 12 days
Wumpscut - Giftkeks (Limted RED Vinyl) LP

Limited edition of strictly 500 copies! The new :wumpscut: Album is called “Giftkeks” (= Poison Cookie). It features 4 ALL NEW tracks and 4 quite different, all instrumental Versions.

Comes in HEAVY Gatefold-Sleeve, 180g High Fidelity RED Vinyl and including an A1-sized (84x60 cms!) Colour Poster
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InfraRot item number:9958.522
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.A1 Silent Running
2.A2 Giftkeks
3.A3 Silent Running (Instrumental)
4.A4 Giftkeks (Instrumental)
5.B1 Draw Your Terminal Breath
6.B2 Du Hast Kein Herz
7.B3 Draw Your Terminal Breath (Instrumental)
8.B4 Du Hast Kein Herz (Instrumental)