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Release: April 2023
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Wumpscut - Giftkeks CD

CD in Jewel Box and 8pages booklet. Clear tray, back-is-front edition!

The new :wumpscut: Album is called “Giftkeks” (= Poison Cookie). It features 4 ALL NEW tracks and 4 quite different, all instrumental Versions.
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Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.A1 Silent Running
2.A2 Giftkeks
3.A3 Silent Running (Instrumental)
4.A4 Giftkeks (Instrumental)
5.B1 Draw Your Terminal Breath
6.B2 Du Hast Kein Herz
7.B3 Draw Your Terminal Breath (Instrumental)
8.B4 Du Hast Kein Herz (Instrumental)