InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann


"The Dried Blutkind Of Gomorrha Works"


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Release: November 2020
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Wumpscut - The Dried Blutkind Of Gomorrha Works 2CD

Enthält die Originalalben "Dried Blood Of Gomorrha" und "Blutkind" zum Preis einer einfachen CD.
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InfraRot item number:2833.164
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.Black Death (French Concept)
2.In The Night (Full Range Track)
3.Dying Culture (1st Movement)
4.Untermensch (Adored Version)
5.Body Parts (Radio Edit)
6.Crucified Division (Desert Mixx)
7.Funeral Diner (Red Tape Version)
8.Turns Off Pain (Recommended Version)
9.Dried Blood Of Gomorrha (Radical Cut)
10.Reference On Bunkertor 7 (1)
11.Black Death (Instrumental)
12.Body Parts (Instrumental)
13.Crucified Division (Instrumental)
14.In The Night (Instrumental)
15.Untermensch (Instrumental)
16.Reference On Bunkertor 7 (2)
17.Hang Him Higher
18.Praise Your Fears
19.Clicks And Deaths
20.Clicks And Jews
21.Koslow (1st Take)
23.Time Ticks Away
25.Iraki (1st Take)
26.Iraki (2nd Take)
27.Logic Of War
29.Run Like Hell (Part 1)
30.Soylent Green (Inst. Take)
31.Default (Alt. Take)
32.The Dark Chamber
34.Equal Eye
35.Slovakian Hell
36.March Of The Crying