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X-Marks The Pedwalk

"The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear"


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Release: 2012
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X-Marks The Pedwalk - The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear CD

Infacted Recordings present the album highlight of the year 2012! More then two years after their long anticipated comeback X-Marks The Pedwalk return with another masterpiece which shows that the band is still one of the driving forces in electronic sounds of today!

'The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear' is the title of the new album combining driving sequences powerfull beats, warm lead sounds with melancholic arpeggios and rough fragile and dark soundscapes! 13 new songs show their individual strenght featuring the vocal performances by Sevren Ni-Arb and Estefania. The seventh album in band history is by far their most complex and diverse album. It is more dark then the previous one 'Inner Zone Journey' and you can feel the bands electro-industrial roots while 'The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear' is also very modern sounding. Electronic music for body and spirit always haunting, intensive, self-contained with a warm depth and substance!
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InfraRot item number:2011.482
Label's catalogue number:FACT 3180
1.You Are Gone
2.Don't Lie To Me
3.The Day I Start To Die
4.The Side Of The Wrong
6.The Sun, The Cold, My Underwater Fear
7.Fallen Angel
8.Electric Summer
9.Tormented Skin
11.Run! Run! Mary!