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"Activate The Machinez"


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Release: 2012
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X-RX - Activate The Machinez CD

After 2 years of wait, we are finally able and happy to announce the all new, 4th album 'Activate the Machinez' by X-RX. During this period of 'silence', X-RX didn't lay back and relax, but successfully toured the (almost) entire (audio)globe, and reached a status, that they were always eager to reach: On Top of the worldwide international Industrial Techno Scene!

Also on their latest album, X-RX remain true to their trademark sound, but after the Success of the track 'PUSH IT' (from the previous album 'Update 3.0'), that for the first time included real vocals, X-RX decided to develop this element further, without going against the original style of the project.

As always with X-RX: Expect anything from this new album but compromises! Or how the project puts it in their own words: 'We want Blood on the dancefloor...!'
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InfraRot item number:2011.071
1.Fear, Destruction, Machines (Intro)
3.Hard Bass Hard Soundz
4.Activate The Machinez
5.Die Hölle Auf Erden
6.Blood On The Dancefloor
7.Hit The Drums
11.Kein Herz