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Release: 2008
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Xabec - Transformed CD

For this release Manuel G. Richter aka Xabec invited the following 12 very diverse artists of different electronic genres to transform Xabec tracks from 2000-2006: Orphx, Ah Cama-Sotz, Schachtanlage Gegenort, Contagious Orgasm, Elektronengehirn, Wild Shores, Patrick Franke, Empath, Incite, Northaunt, Atmogat, Alio Die. The results are amazing and intense works. On one hand complexe and pulsating beat tracks and on the other hand experimental electronica and ambient pieces.
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1.Gummaff (Transformed By Northaunt)
2.Transformation (Transformed By Incite)
3.Liquid Journeys (Transformed By Wild Shores)
4.Säge (Transformed By Empath)
5.Leaves (Transformed By Alio Die)
6.Pumpenwasser (Transformed By Patrick Franke)
7.Der Riss (Transformed By Schachtanlage Gegenort)
8.Open State (Transformed By Elektronengehirn)
9.If (Transformed By Atmogat)
10.Sci-fi (Transformed By Orphx)
11.Connected (Transformed By Contagious Orgasm)
12.Open State (Transformed By Ah Cama-sotz)