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"Victims of the Times (Limited Artbook)"


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Release: 2021-07-09
Status: New release in 64 days
Xasthur - Victims of the Times (Limited Artbook) 2CD

2CD artbook (hardcover, 28x28cm, 60 pages) full-color, uncensored version with foreword, extensive album liner notes, photography and art by Scott Conner, 3 bonus tracks and 24 instrumental raw unmixed tracks.

With "Victims of the Times", ...
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1.Same Old Suspects
2.Dust Of What Was
3.Mirror In The Face
4.Unsolvable Puzzles
5.Fairy Tale Ideologies
6.Medieval Acid Folk
7.Stars Amongst Failures
8.Reality Is The Unknown
10.Postponing My Funeral
11.Static Of Uncreativity
12.A Future To Fear
13.Ghost Of An Excuse
15.Benefits Of Dying
16.Victims Of The Times
17.Digital Beast
18.Home Is Nowhere
19.Allegiance To The Meaningless
20.Justify Your End
21.In Search Of Sanity
22.Voluntary Prisoners
24.Never What You Were
25.If I Broke Your Face