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Release: 2012
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Xotox - Eisenkiller CD

With this special EP in two different editions, Xotox celebrate 10 years of "Eisenkiller". "Eisenkiller" was first released in 2002 on the self-produced album "Silberfieber" before being included on the official debut album "Lichtlos", released by Pronoize, the label that signed Xotox in the meantime. "Eisenkiller" became THE ultimate club-anthem and maybe this was one of the reasons why "Lichtlos" became the benchmark album for the act and the scene. For the very first time an industrial-act managed to reach number 1 in the German alternative charts (DAC) to stay there on the top spot for several weeks!

Now, in 2012, this special celebration EP does not only include the original track from 2002, it also contains a radically reworked '2012 version' and remixes by Bahntier, After White Smoke, Autoclav1.1 and Jean Bach as well as "Digitale Demenz", a previously unreleased (and officially unfinished) track from 2008. As a special bonus we also get two demo-versions / exclusive previews of tracks currently being recorded for the upcoming album.
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1.Eisenkiller (2k12 Version)
2.Eisenkiller (Original Version)
3.Eisenkiller (Bahntier Remix)
4.Eisenkiller (Autoclav1.1 Remix)
5.Eisenkiller (After White Smoke Remix)
6.Eisenkiller (Jean Bach Remix)
7.Digitale Demenz (Unreleased Version)
8.Schwanengesang (Rough Demo-version)
9.Notwehr (Rough Demo-version)