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"Essentials (Best of) (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Xotox - Essentials (Best of) (Limited Edition) 2CD

Way back when futurepop was dominating the dance-floors and the scene, the appearance of xotox paralleled the spirit of those times with his own unique sound. Since then, the distorted beats of the debut album "Lichtlos" and subsequently, the clubhit "Eisenkiller" brought the scene to boil; catapulting xotox to the top of DJ-playlists, culminating in reaching the first position of German alternative charts (DAC) as first industrial-act EVER (2003-2004)! The EP "die Unruhe" (2004) and the following album "[PSI]" (2005) consolidated xotox's status as an exceptional artist, that remains true to his sound without self-repetition; unafraid of experimentation.

In 2006 and 2008 followd ...
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Label:Pro Noize
Label's catalogue number:PN073
1.Lichtlos ("lichtlos", 2003)
2.Nothing ("lichtlos", 2003)
3.Eisenkiller ("lichtlos", 2003)
4.Zweischicht ("lichtlos", 2003)
5.Nasse Wände ("die Unruhe", 2004)
6.Pumpe/düse ("die Unruhe", 2004)
7.Dunkelheit ("die Unruhe", 2004)
8.(Xo)Toxic ("[Psi]", 2005)
9.Fieber ("[Psi]", 2005)
10.Rhythmuskaputt ("[Psi]", 2005)
11.Industrial Madness ("[Psi]", 2005)
12.Please Don´t Encourage Me Anymore ("we Are Deaf", 2009)
13.Das Verlies (Demo, 2001)*1
14.D-Day 2001 (Demo, 2001)*1
15.[Psi] (Hard-Mix, 2005)*1
16.Eisenkiller (Ambient-Mix, 2002)*1
17.Ewig („In Den Zehn Morgen“, 2008)
18.Verlust („In Den Zehn Morgen“, 2008)
19.Wirbeltier („In Den Zehn Morgen“, 2008)
20.In Den Zehn Morgen („In Den Zehn Morgen“, 2008)
21.Schwanengesang („Schwanengesang", 2013)
22.Sla Tillbaka („Schwanengesang", 2013)
23.Revolution Non-Stop („Schwanengesang", 2013)
24.Notwehr („Schwanengesang", 2013)
25.Ritmo Diabolico („Redux“, 2014)
26.Im Kreuz Ist Heil (Demo, 2002)*2
27.Eisenwald (Demo, 2001)*3
28.Grenzdebil (Demo, 2001)*4
29.Let Your Mind Be Free (Demo, 2000)*4
30.Nachtangst (Demo Aus 2005)*3
31.Fernruf (Demo, 2007)*3
32.D-Day 2001 (Aehm 2K15-Remix)*5
33.Notwehr (Embrionyc Remix)*5
34.Sla Tillbaka (Denny Engler Remix)*5