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"Schwanengesang (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Xotox - Schwanengesang (Limited Edition) 2CD

The limited edition comes in a digipak including a bonus-CD with remixes and collaborations of well-known acts like LOSS, AH CAMA-SOTZ, BAK XIII, MANDELBROT, AUTOCLAV1.1, <1979>, AFTER WHITE SMOKE, DETUNE-X and GORGOT. All remixes cover a wide musical spectrum from dark ambient and minimal noise to finest rhythmic industrial and technoid club anthems. As a special feature DJ FREQUEN-C, well known as the resident-DJ of the Leipzig-based cult club "Darkflower", presents a dj-mix created of all his personal xotox favourites, live and directly from the mixing desk of his DJ-console!

Infos about the album:With "Schwanengesang" ...
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Label:Pro Noize
1.Kampf Um´s Licht
2.Slå Tillbaka
4.Muy Fragil
6.Revolution Doesn´t Happen On The Weekend
7.Alte Muster
10.Revolution Non-Stop
11.Schwanengesang (Empusae Remix)
12.Verlust [Remix#1 By Loss]
13.Notwehr [Remix By Ah Cama-Sotz]
14.Notwehr [Remix By Bak Xiii]
15.In Den Zehn Morgen [Following Today-Mix By Autoclav1.1]
16.Notwehr [Remix By Mandelbrot]
17.Notwehr [Remix By (1979)]
18.Mechanische Unruhe [Remix By After White Smoke]
19.Notwehr [Remix By Gorgot]
20.Yearning Winds [Feat. Detune-X]
21.Verlust (Remix#2 By Loss)
22.Mix By Dj Frequen-C