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XX Committee




Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
XX Committee - Network LP

Formed out of the ashes of Y Front in late 1980, the XX Committee were Chris Scarpino, who would later retire from music, and Scott Foust, later of Idea Fire Company, Swill Radio, etc. The XX Committee took its name from the codename for a WWII Bristish double-agent group - The XX Committee = The 20 Committee =The Double Cross Committee. The goal of the XX Committee was to remove all rock elements from Industrial Music. It took Industrial Music at its word, recording pieces that sounded like industrial processes - all meant as a critique of Consumer - Capitalism. "Network" is pristine and minimal, the joy of Dionysian excess removed. The "Network" Lp was recorded between 1981-83 and originally released on the Thermidor Records label out of San Franscisco (Also the then home of the likes of SPK, The Birthday Party, Toiling Midgets, Flipper and the Meat Puppets amongst others), even though the record was originally ear-marked for the legenday No Wave label Lust / Unlust which collapsed around the same time. The album sank like the proverbial stone upon its initial release. Although far too few people heard the music for it to influence anyone, many of the ideas played out on "Network " still seem current today and, as such, "Network" is a monument which still stands. After many years the original stereo four-track master-tapes which sat untouched finally got remastered last year and this will be the first opportunity to hear the album as it was intended to sound, instead of the notorious "dead mix" which plagued the original 1983 release.
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1.Network Of Noise
2.Unwashed Sundays
3.Drone 1
4.Players Wells Drone 2
6.Mass Machina
7.Drone 4
8.National Re-Doubt
9.Deep Red